6 hour Beginners course


If you are a beginner who wants to learn to ride, this is the option for you.

To complete the full beginners course it takes minimum of two, usually three days. The course can be divided into three steps.


Step 1 – Learning the basics

First you need to learn about the beach and local winds, kites and other gear, safety and right of way rules. You will start flying on a 2 line trainer kite and learn how to use the wind window and power zones to control the delivery of pull from the kite.

Step 2 – The big kite

Time to introduce the big depowerable 4 (or 5) line kite. Before you go in the water with the kite you will learn how to set up the kite and use its safety systems. Flying the big depowerable kite includes proper use of the control bar, water relaunch, power diving the kite, controling the kite in underpowered and overpowered conditions, controling the kite with one hand, self rescue and more.

Step 3 – Board time

Once you have the big kite under control, you are ready for getting up on the board. You will learn to power dive the kite to get on the board and adjust leg and body position when you feel the pull from the kite. Once you pick up speed, it is all about holding the balance on board and edging. At this stage, any previous snowboarding/wakeboarding/skateboarding experience should help you to get going more easily.


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